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Expert Video - What is the typical progression of Multiple Sclerosis?

Expert neurologists describe what a newly diagnosed person with MS should expect in terms of disease progression. They discuss the four basic categories of MS: Relapsing remitting MS, primary progressive MS, secondary progressive MS, and progressive relapsing MS. The likelihood that a newly diagnosed patient with MS will acquire a severe disability is also discussed. With today's approved treatments and management strategies, most people with MS are able to lead full and productive lives.

Patient Video - How often do you see the doctor for your MS?

Patients talk about how often they have to see the doctor for their MS. Proactive involvement, renewed outlooks, and positive reflections are some of the silver linings they share in this video.

Patient Video - How has MS changed your life? What advice do you have for others?

Multiple sclerosis can be an unpredictable disease, and can often lead to anxiety. In this video, MS patients share encouraging views about overcoming anxiety and emphasize that having a good support team of doctors, nurses, social workers, family members, access to reliable information as well as a proactive, positive approach, can lead to fulfilling lives despite the challenges of their disease.

Patient Video - What is your advice for those who use internet for MS resources?

Patients with MS share practical advice for newly diagnosed patients about how to efficiently navigate the internet when searching for information on their disease.