Module: Understanding Multiple Sclerosis
Patient Video - How did you find out you had Multiple Sclerosis?

Patients discuss their experiences about how they felt, including what initial fears they had, at the time they were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). They also share how they gained confidence and maintained a good quality of life in subsequent years by controlling their disease symptoms.

Patient Video - Have you experienced fatigue with MS?

Patients talk about their experiences with fatigue, which is one of the most common symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. They discuss how their fatigue differs from other types of fatigue, and the best ways to manage it.

Patient Video - Does heat make your MS symptoms worse?

Some circumstances can make symptoms of MS worse. One such factor is heat. Learn from a patient's perspective how daily activities are successfully managed to minimize excessive heat exposure.

Patient Video - How often do you see the doctor for your MS?

Patients talk about how often they have to see the doctor for their MS. Proactive involvement, renewed outlooks, and positive reflections are some of the silver linings they share in this video.

Patient Video - How has MS changed your life? What advice do you have for others?

Multiple sclerosis can be an unpredictable disease, and can often lead to anxiety. In this video, MS patients share encouraging views about overcoming anxiety and emphasize that having a good support team of doctors, nurses, social workers, family members, access to reliable information as well as a proactive, positive approach, can lead to fulfilling lives despite the challenges of their disease.

Patient Video - What is your advice for those who use internet for MS resources?

Patients with MS share practical advice for newly diagnosed patients about how to efficiently navigate the internet when searching for information on their disease.

Module: Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis
Patient Video - How was your Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed?

Patients with MS discuss how their diagnoses were made, including the tests they underwent and what they experienced during those tests.

Patient Video - How is your life different after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis?

Patients describe how their worst expectations of living with MS – felt most strongly following their diagnosis – subsided over time. These patients share advice with newly diagnosed patients in an effort to help guide them about dealing with their diagnosis and the treatment options available.

Patient Video - Patient Video - What is it like having an MRI?

Patients with MS share their personal experiences about what it is like to have an MRI procedure.

Module: Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Patient Video - What were your initial symptoms of MS and their treatment?

Patients with MS describe the symptoms they experienced that led to their diagnoses. They also talk about the initial treatments for those symptoms and how they worked. The treatment of pain – only recently recognized as a symptom of MS – is also discussed.

Patient Video - What is your experience with disease modifying therapies?

Patients with MS talk about their personal experiences with disease modifying therapies, and how they feel about staying on them even if benefits are not immediately apparent.